LAKEVILLE, CT July 18, 2009 – “It was a great day to win at home,” Rob Dyson said afterwards. Dyson Racing won their first race with Mazda at their home track of Lime Rock CT, the same track where Dyson Racing’s first professional race win came in 1985. Marino Franchitti and Butch Leitzinger took the win in the # 20 BP Lola-Mazda Coupe at the American Le Mans Northeast Grand Prix, leading 166 out of 172 laps. “This was the culmination of a lot of hard work and effort and lot of passion on the part of so many people at Mazda, BP, Lola and AER. We are honored to be part of it,” added Dyson.

Franchitti set the race’s fastest class lap on his way to his first win in the ALMS. “From the moment you join Dyson Racing, you are part of a family,” said Franchitti. “We missed giving Rob a win last year for his celebration of 25 years in professional racing, so this is a belated gift. This one is for the passion and the commitment of this incredible team.”

This is Leitzinger’s fifth career win at Lime Rock. Leitzinger noted that “this means a lot for our team and the guys who put so much pride into their racing. Their friends and family come here and it is fitting that they can share this home win with them.”

Chris Dyson and Guy Smith were not able to share the podium with their winning team members. The #16 car was retired an hour into the two hour and forty-five minute race with electrical problems. “Every year we come here and the enthusiasm of the fans is incredible,” commented Chris Dyson. “I am happy for Butch and Marino and everybody at Dyson Racing. We are delighted to give BP and Mazda an ALMS LMP2 win, and we really appreciate their passion and commitment to this program. Also, to put Lola back in victory lane along with Advanced Engine Research is a real thrill for us as we’ve all done this before in the ALMS. Winning never gets old.”

John Doonan, Manager of Motorsport Team Development for Mazda, commented that “when you combine the Dyson tradition and commitment with the passion for motorsports at Mazda, BP and Castrol, it is a strong combination. When you see the number of media and fans who came out for this race, it is a great statement about what the American Le Mans Series stands for. It was a good day all the way around.”

Pos Car# Class Drivers Class Difference Car Make
1. 66 P1 de Ferran/Pagenaud 0 Acura ARX 02
2. 9 P1 Brabham/Sharp 43.7 Acura ARX 02
3. 48 P1 Mowlem/Johanson 7 laps Ginetta-Zytek
4. 20 P2 Leitzinger/Franchitti 0 Mazda MZR-R
5. 45 GT2 Bergmeister/Long 0 Lola B06/10
6. 12 P1 Burgess/McMurry 18 laps Lola B06/10
7. 15 P2 Fernandez/Diaz 6 laps Acura ARX 01
8. 62 GT2 Mello/Kaffer 1 lap Ferrari 430
9. 90 GT2 Hand/Auberlen 1 lap BMW E92
10. 87 GT2 Henzler/Miller 2 laps Porsche 911