POUGHKEEPSIE, NY July 07, 2008 — One of the more visceral appeals of England’s Goodwood Festival of Speed is the ability to see iconic race cars run up their famed hill. It is very fitting that this year’s Goodwood Festival is on the same weekend as the American Le Mans Northeast Grand Prix, for on July 12, the race fans at Lime Rock Park will be treated to an equally historic run.

In commemoration of Dyson Racing’s twenty-five years in professional motorsports, the #16 Dyson Racing 1985 Porsche 962/101 will run a lap before the Saturday race in tandem with the current #16 Porsche RS Spyder. The Porsche 962 is the same car that won its first time out at the May 30, 1985 IMSA GTP race. Further highlighting this notable pairing, throughout the Lime Rock ALMS weekend, the #16 2008 Porsche RS Spyder will be wrapped in the same paint scheme as the original 1985 Porsche 962. As he did in its inaugural run, Rob Dyson will drive the 962 and Chris Dyson will pilot the current RS Spyder during the tribute lap.

“Two number 16’s, twenty-three years apart, father and son driving – this is such a fitting way to celebrate our silver anniversary and to thank the fans at Lime Rock who have been dedicated followers of their home team,” noted Chris Dyson. “We have many firsts at Lime Rock including Rob’s first professional race twenty-five years ago in a 1983 Firebird and that memorable first win with the 962 that put us on the map in American sportscar racing.”

“The Porsche 962 is one of the greater race cars ever built and is clearly one of the best if not the best sportscars ever built,” remarked Rob Dyson. “It is a remarkable automobile: terrific durability, a wonderfully easy car to drive, very tractable and incredibly reliable.”

“This is unique in ALMS history,” remarked Chris Dyson. “The nostalgic livery on the RS Spyder is a visual marker of what our team has accomplished over the years. There is an incredibly hard-working group of guys behind all of our wins and championships. This historic run is dedicated to them and to all of our fans that have supported us over the years.”

Dyson Racing’s quarter century of excellence has produced sixty-one victories, one hundred sixty-five podiums and seventeen championships. This competitive drive continues unabated as they enter their next quarter century of racing this Saturday at Lime Rock.